On Equality

March 14, 2017 (rev. June 28, 2017 to reflect a personnel change)

There are 21 different artists associated with this project. There are 16 men, 4 women, and 1 nonbinary person. There are only 4 are persons of color. There are 13 white men.

This is my fault. I did not think about diversity as I put the project together. When inviting people to participate, I reached out to friends and some known Wandelweiser interpreters. I also kept the invites private so that people could turn me down without others having to know that they did. Unfortunately, this meant that I reached out to my less-than-diverse circle, and I didn’t have anyone to check me during this process.

Putting together such a big project was an amazing opportunity to highlight the diversity that exists among new music performers, but I failed to do so.

To those that correctly pointed out my error, thank you. I hope that your much-needed criticism helps me become a better advocate in the future. I will continue to work on my blindness.