The 1-Day Mark

With 8 of the 23 parts now stitched together into their 28 possible combinations, we now have over a day’s worth of music available. Of course, each part that gets added will contribute all the more to that total. The next part added will give us 7hrs and 20min of additional music, and once we get to the last part, it will add a whopping 20hrs and 10min.

Of course, this means that we’re quickly passing the time where the project is listenable, but that remains a welcome challenge. 😀

And we’re off!

After nearly a year of planning, initial work, I am really excited to launch this project. Yes, we only have 6 combinations ready to go of the eventual 253, but we’ll get there. This is my first time stepping into the executive producer role, and I’m already over-the-moon with how things stand at the moment. Thanks to everyone who’s been so helpful in getting this off the ground. It’s going to be fun hearing all these takes on BDRUZ come to life.